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We take on all types of jobs from small domestic work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive rates.

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Small Demolitions

It’s not only about removing debris and rubble, sometimes you actually need to make the rubbish first, and the Take Away Recycling team can help you by safely planning small demolitions and then doing the clean up post the job.

  • Outhouse demolition
  • Wall demolition
  • Green house and sheds break downs
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Carpet and Lino rip up
  • Wood floor removal
  • Fence removal
  • Bushes and trees removal
  • Deck & Patio Demolition
  • Kitchen rip outs
  • Cabinet demolitions
  • Turf and soil clearance
  • Garge tear downs

Garden Clearance

Landscaping or just a needed tidy up for an area that needs some love. With the help of the Take Away Recycling team you can re-claim your outside space.

  • Old fence removal
  • Fence demolition
  • Garden wall removal
  • Top soil and old lawn removal
  • Greenhouse removal
  • Shed demoliton
  • Shed removal
  • Garden refuse clearance
  • Large trees and branches clearance
  • Leaves, plants and turf clearance
  • Twigs, bushes and shrub removal
  • Clearing unwanted vegetation
  • Removal of mown grass
  • Clearing compost heaps

Office Clearance

Offices gather waste like a snowball gathers snow. When the time comes for your office move or general clear out, have us at hand to Take Away your waste, from a single office to an office block.

  • Old filing cabinets
  • Office furniture
  • Desk dismantling
  • Mass paper waste removal
  • Removal of loose cabling
  • Old IT equipment
  • Removal of industrial printers and other machines
  • Removal of carpet / flooring
  • Clearing old appliances
  • We will recycle rather than just dispose

Land Clearance

Land clearance is usually heavy duty as unlike a garden the area is much larger and as well as rubbish you may also need some tree, shrub and vegetation clearance at scale. Any land that is overgrown can be cleared, large or small. Clearing land in London has it’s own unique challenges so speak with our expert team to get the job done cost and time efficiently!

We Buy Scrap Metal

It’s in our name, Take Away Recycling, we are an environmentally friendly company that will recycle where we can. We look at your waste and deem what can be re-used, re-purposed and recycled.

Scrap metal comes in many shapes and sizes, from old plumbing pipes and vehicles that are no longer in use, to commercial metal waste and more.

Different types of metal vary in price but we at Take Away Recycling will offer you the best rates available.

  • Lead
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Cabling
  • Stainless Steel

    Latest Projects

    Garden Clearances

    These are some examples of before and after images of recent garden clearance projects.

    Office Clearance

    From one to multiple locations, these are some before and after examples of recent office clearance projects.

    Waste Removal

    Before and after images for domestic and land waste removal.

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