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About Us

We are passionate about caring for our residents and we provide a very homely environment in which to do so.

The commitment we provide whilst maintaining quality standards is to recognise that everyone is different so we adapt our care to suit each individual need.

The whole package also involves the care for our residents relatives. Relatives are extremely important to us and we try hard to provide care that involves the family as a whole.

Why Choose Us

Our residents do not live in our workplace. We work in their home.

We aim to create the right environment, which supports physical and mental well being, enabling out residents to maintain their rights, identity independence as individuals whilst creating a spirit of trust and confidence in our professional standards.

You or someone you love may have to be cared for in a care home, the practical and emotional demands this creates can make ordinary daily life impossible, it is difficult to cope and can be quite distressing for all concerned. Experience has taught us the happier you are with our service the more your confidence will convey itself to your relatives. We endeavour to achieve this confidence by delivering a quality of care to the highest standard. Residents have regular meetings to convey how the quality of their individual care is being achieved and if it meets with their own approval.

Certified Care

Mr James Thorns/ Mrs Amanda Thorns

The Registered Provider/ Nominated Person
Mrs Amanda Thorns

Mrs Thorns has over 35 years of experience as an RGN and previously owned a nursing and Residential Home and can be contacted at:

Clapham Lodge Care Home, Woodlands Close, Clapham Village, West Sussex, BN13 3XR 

Telephone: 01903 871326 | Email: claphamlodge1@gmail.com

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