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How We Help With Therapy Marketing

For New Therapists, you could be facing a number of challenges.

Stage 1 – newly qualified and starting out (click for More)

It’s early days and you have fed your passion, now it’s time for that leap into the unknown and you want to find out if your vocation can pay the bills, can you make a success of your business and grow your practice?

Stage 2 – The business has started but it’s early days (click for More)

You love working with your clients, but you are probably going through peaks and troughs. You need to fill your schedule and charge better rates for your services.

Stage 3 –  Ready to grow! (click for More)

You’ve started to grow a private practice or your chosen business model but the revenue while good will likely be at a plateaux and you wont yet have enough to reinvest to continue that growth trajectory. Now is the time to focus on re-investing and keeping the pace of your business accelerating.

If you have been running your therapy for some time one of the below phases may resonate with you.

Stage 4 – Long term focus (click for More)

Well done, you have a good business but at this time you might feel isolated or stuck as there are so many elements that you have learned and it can be hard to make everything work in the business and you don’t want your clients to suffer. You are committed and have a long term vision but want to achieve consistent growth and profitability and a better personal income.

Stage 5 – A larger scale business model (click for More)

You have a successful therapy business or practice, you are moving towards your career and financial goals but business is busy and is taking a lot of your focus, now you need to strategise and move into a leadership role. This is about growing your business but also building a brand and having a team running things. Your business can have the freedom to grown and evolve but you are not tied to it, now you can have more freedom to train further or spend more time doing the things you love.

Stage 6 – Being challenged and inspired (click for More)

You’ve achieved your initial goals both financial and personal and for many therapists, you’ve really become an entrepreneur as well. There is more for you to do but you really are not now sure what those next steps are or how to make that happen. Dare to dream big and have even more fun and success along the way.

Fortiba is here to help whatever your therapy focus. Let’s face it, you’ve invested money and countless hours in becoming a therapist, most likely you began on this road as you have a real desire to help people. Depending at what stage of your professional journey you are at will present new challenges.

Take a look at the tabs to the left to see how we might be the ideal solution at the perfect time.

Do what you do best and hire an expert to do the rest.

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Our stages of work

Initial Consultation

Wherever you are on your personal journey in your healthcare marketing business, a no obligation chat helps us understand more about your unique challenges and opportunities.

Get Strategic

Once we know where you are and where you want to be, we can then devise a detailed plan that focuses on client acquisition. Marketing is a means to an end and we need to formulate the best route for you to achieve the desired results.


Now we have the plan and the clear activities, we help you put those into place to start moving towards your desired outcome. All signed off and agreed.

Improve and Refine

When you start any marketing, track it and then use the data to improve on it. Just like your clients, its about learning, improving and getting better every step of the way.

TAP Into Your Therapies Marketing Potential

A complete marketing solution for your therapy business: website, emails, print design and collateral, branding ….. all for one fixed, low monthly investment.

Frequently Asked Therapy Marketing Questions

We are here to help, to get you started there are some common FAQs to the right but please, if you have any questions at all about marketing, therapy business growth or anything else, one of our dedicated team are always here to help you.

Therapy marketing covers such a diverse area but in our 22 years of digital marketing experience you can be assured if we’ve not encountered a specific problem, question or challenge that you have, then we know someone we can call on who will be able to help.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work exclusive with therapists and that can be anything from counselling (all disciplines), life and wellness coaches, hypnotherapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, NLP Practitioners and trainers to name a few. There are many talking therapies and health and wellness experts out there that go by many names but if your aim is to help people, then our aim is to help with your marketing and business growth.
Do You Guarantee Results?
It depends on the metrics that you want to measure but when it comes to business growth, we absolutely guarantee that working with the Foritba team is a business investment. We will work with you to understand what your requirements are and ensure you get good results. We can’t say fairer than that.
Do you have contracts?
It depends on the strategy we agree and the service(s) you require. For something like website creation or branding, that is just a one time exposure and there is no requirement for any contract length. For more complex marketing like search marketing or optimisation, then it does take some time to generate results.

Our longest contractual terms are three (3) months, so you are never tied to us. We want to work with clients and therapists who want to work with us and who experience the benefits that our expertise brings.

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The Fortiba team really spend quality time getting to know your business and what your plans are and then [they] create something that is unique for you. I like how they approach the business side of my coaching and they made it easy to understand what was needed and what results could be achieved.
Jane Adams

Life Coach, Undisclosed

Lots of meat and detail without the fluff and jargon. I’ve worked with another agency but they were not a patch on the Fortiba team. Good results and thanks guys, I’ll be with you for many more months. Keep up the excellent work.
Mark Davies

Hypnotherapist, Undisclosed

Marketing is not what I signed up for when I started counselling and I had hope (naively) that my business would be out there and it would grow with a life of its own. It didn’t and it scared me, I did not want to close the doors on my dream and the Fortiba team took me by the hand and showed me some very simple steps to get more clients. 2 months later and there is a definite excitement about what the future holds and the many more people I can help.
Jan Connor


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